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Common Baby Rashes and What to do about them

As a parent, you must have certainly experienced baby rash at some point. Most babies experience a rash at some time. Although many of them disappear without any treatment, it is best to keep a good diaper rash cream like the Sebamed baby rash cream at Mywellnesskart handy. There are multiple types of baby rash. So, here are a few tips to get rid of some of the common types of rashes in babies.

What makes your baby’s skin prone to rashes?

Taking care of your little one can be overwhelming at times. For

the first few months after birth, your baby relies on crying and cooing to

communicate. As new parents, it may take a while for you to

pinpoint the area of discomfort and provide immediate relief to your baby. As

your baby grows older, several changes occur and some of them

can make your baby extremely uncomfortable and cranky. One of the things that affect

your baby from time to time is rash.

Since your baby’s immune system is still strengthening, he/she has very

sensitive skin. This makes your baby far more susceptible to inflammations and

infections. Even the smallest thing cause a reaction which is why you have to

be extremely cautious about using different baby care products on your little

one. We understand how distressing it is to see tiny red bumps and

spots popping all over your baby’s body. Most of these rashes usually don’t

cause much harm and disappear in a few days. However, it is best to keep an eye

on it and use trusted baby care products like the Sebamed newborn range which is clinically proven to keep your baby’s skin’s pH at the optimum level of 5.5. Sebamed baby products will ensure healthy skin and minimize the chance of developing rashes. Do not hesitate to consult a pediatrician if the rash is accompanied by a fever.

Types of Baby Rash

There are many types of rashes that your baby can develop. The most common types of baby rashes are:

1.   Diaper Rash

2.   Eczema

3.   Baby Acne

4.   Cradle Cap

5.   Drool Rash

These rashes may affect your baby’s face, neck, hands, legs, and diaper areas. It may take a while for you to understand the cause behind each rash and how to care for

your baby when it happens. Let’s look at each of them in detail and understand how to prevent rashes from occurring again.

1.    Diaper rash

This is the most common baby rash that you have to deal with. It is generally mild, with a few red spots on your baby’s bottom. However, if it is not treated in time, it can cause your baby severe discomfort and lead to fungal or yeast infections. Diaper rashes usually occur due to late diaper changes. The moisture in the diaper is in constant contact with your baby’s skin and prolonged exposure to urine or faeces starts affecting their sensitive skin. As your baby grows up, you have to be very careful about giving him or her solid food since acidic foods like citrus fruits and tomatoes can cause diaper rashes.

One of the best remedies for dealing with your baby’s diaper

rash is by using a baby diaper rash cream that provides immediate relief to the


The Sebamed baby rash cream contains a micronized form of titanium dioxide that not only soothes your baby’s rash symptoms but it also creates a protective layer over their delicate skin. This rash cream available on Mywellnesskart is clinically proven to reduce 50% of your baby’s diaper rash within three weeks without causing allergies.

Preventing Diaper Rash

The best way to prevent a diaper rash is by frequently changing

your little one’s diaper. While changing, you should gently pat the area with a

soft, wet cloth. We recommend you use a bigger diaper or loosen the diaper a

a little bit to allow air to circulate. This will also help in keeping your baby

comfortable as tight diapers can make your little one restless.

We also advise you to switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers whenever possible as a lot of disposable diapers contain chemicals and artificial fragrances that may cause such inflammations

You can also use a baby powder like the Sebamed baby powder that has an extra soft formula with honeysuckle extracts. After every diaper change, apply a little bit of this powder to prevent heat rashes as the honeysuckle immediately soothes your baby’s skin and brings them relief.

If your baby is already suffering from the rash, remember to not wipe off the diaper rash cream with each change and allow it to create a protective barrier. The Sebamed baby rash cream ensures faster recovery in comparison to the regular diaper rash creams as its high panthenol content accelerates skin regeneration and the allantoin helps in keeping your baby’s skin smooth and supple.

2.    Eczema

This is another very common rash that affects babies. Eczema is an allergic reaction caused due to the environment, certain foods and fabrics, laundry detergent and heat. One of the best ways that you can prevent eczema is by using premium quality baby care products that do not irritate your baby’s skin. Sebamed’s baby care range available on Mywellnesskart is clinically proven to maintain your baby’s pH levels without causing any irritants or allergies.

Keep wool and synthetic fabrics away from your baby and only use

soft, breathable fabrics like cotton. It is important to keep your baby’s skin

hydrated at all times so after your baby’s bath, remember to gently dry their skin with a soft, clean towel and moisturize him or her.

The Sebamed lotion for babies is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy finish. It has long-lasting moisturizing properties that can increase your baby’s skin hydration by almost 16% in just three weeks, thereby helping preserve your baby’s natural lipids. However, in case of prolonged inflammation, it is best to consult with a pediatric dermatologist and find out the cause of this rash.

3.    Baby acne

Usually occurring within the first two to three months, baby

acne produces tiny red pimples on your baby’s cheeks, nose and forehead. This

rash is very easy to deal with and does not cause much discomfort to your

little one. To get rid of this rash, remember to gently clean your baby’s skin

with a soft, cotton washcloth and keep soap or other harmful chemicals away

from their skin.

The Sebamed face and body wash at Mywellnesskart is a mild cleansing foam that helps restore the natural protective barrier of your baby’s skin. The panthenol and lipid compounds in it prevents dryness, keeping skin irritants at bay. 

Preventing Baby Acne?

Protection against chemicals is the first step to prevent baby acne. To protect their delicate skin, use a good moisturizer to hydrate their skin after bath like the Sebamed lotion for baby, which has chamomile extracts that soothes your baby’s inflammations. Most of the time, your baby’s acne disappears on its own.

4.    Cradle cap

Cradle cap occurs due to excessive oil production around your

baby’s hair follicles, resulting in greasy, yellow or brown scales on his or

her head. It is not a contagious rash and it takes a few weeks to clear up on

its own. To treat this rash, massage your baby with a good baby oil like the 

Sebamed soothing massage oil that contains 95% natural soy oil. This natural soy oil has a high content of essential fatty acids that absorb into your baby’s skin and improves their skin tolerability. Remember to use a mild baby shampoo to wash your baby’s head. One of the ideal shampoos for treating cradle cap is the Sebamed children’s shampoo – a sugar-based mild cleansing shampoo with herbal extracts. It is free from formaldehyde making it a tear and irritation-free bath. You can buy Sebamed baby products online at Mywellnesskart.

5.    Drool rash

This occurs when your baby is teething and is developing his or

her salivary glands. At such times, your baby has a drool on their face. The

frequent face wiping to remove food particles coupled with constant use of the

the pacifier starts irritating your baby’s delicate skin. Drool rash also goes away

on its own in a few days. Remember to limit the use of a pacifier and gently

pat your baby’s face while cleaning.

We advise you to keep away fragranced and chemically laden products from their gentle skin as much as possible and use a Sebamed protective facial cream for your baby. The panthenol, vitamin E and lipid compounds present in this facial cream protects your baby’s skin against any irritants caused due to salivary rash without leaving behind a greasy residue.

How Can You Prevent Baby Rash?

It is common for your baby to develop a rash or two as they grow. Some preventive steps that you can follow to keep rashes away are:

1. Change their diapers frequently and keep their skin dry

2. Dress your little one comfortably in breathable fabrics

3. Reduce your baby’s bath time and only use products

specifically designed for their delicate skin

4. Keep a tab of your baby’s vaccination dates

5. Be mindful of any foods that cause an allergic reaction

to your baby’s skin

6. Do not use harsh laundry detergents that irritate your

little one

7. Ensure that your baby’s skin is hydrated always.

Even though it may seem challenging, it is best to stick to a baby care routine and always trust your instincts. Take your baby for routine check-ups to your regular paediatrician and always ask a trusted doctor for advice in case you are confused.