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Your Guide to Maintaining the Right pH Level of your Scalp!

Your Guide to Maintaining the Right pH Level of your Scalp! 

A majority of people follow extensive hair care routines to get long and shiny hair. However, little attention is paid to the scalp. Your scalp heavily influences the quality of your hair. It plays a crucial role in promoting and sustaining healthy hair. Hence, it is very important to take care of your scalp and maintain the right pH level.

In this blog, we will help you understand the importance of scalp care and the importance of maintaining its rightpH level. We will also suggest products that are available on Mywellnesskart to help you rejuvenate your hair. From this e-commerce site, you can buy a Sebamed body wash for men and women along with effective hair care products.

Your scalp is more delicate than your skin

Importance of pH level foryour scalp’s health

A pH value represents the amount of hydrogen present in a substance. Ideally, the pH level of your scalp should be 5.5. 

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Here’s why you should strive to maintain the right pH level of your scalp:

It keeps your scalp protected

As the ideal pH value of your scalp is 5.5, it is slightly acidic. This is because there’s a protective layer on your scalp called the acid mantle. This acts as a barrier against bacteria, fungus and dust. When the pH level of your scalp isn’t right, it becomes more prone to damage caused by dirt, pollution and germs. Hence, pH level plays an important role in protecting your scalp against infections.

It helps to prevent dandruff

If you often struggle with dandruff or an itchy scalp, the pH level of your scalp is likely to be on the higher side. One of the best ways to prevent and treat such problems is by maintaining the right pH level of your scalp. At Sebamed, our dermatologists have formulated one of the best shampoos for dandruff.

Do not scratch your scalp too vigorously

How to maintain the right pH level of your scalp?

Every day your scalp is exposed to various elements that can disturb itsideal pH level. For instance, certain hair care products include harsh chemicals that can strip your scalp of the natural oil present in it. Besides that, soap-based shampoos often increase the alkalinity of your scalp and make it prone to dandruff. 

Thankfully, there are ways to restore the ideal pH level of your scalp! Read on to explore a few tips for a healthy scalp:

1.Keep your scalp clean and hygienic 

The first step to restoring the ideal pH level of your scalp is to keep it squeaky clean. Switch to a gentle hair cleanser like Sebamed Everyday Shampoo that deeply cleans your pores without washing away its oils. It has the ideal pH value of 5.5 that makes it the best shampoo for dry hair.

Wash your scalp at least twice a week

2.Avoid excessive exposure to the sun’s rays

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be detrimental to your scalp. It is one of the major causes of premature ageing and weakening of hair follicles. So, make sure you always wear a hat whenever you step out during the day.

3.Massage your scalp regularly

Another way to maintain the ideal pH level of your scalp is by following a regular hair care regime. Gently massage your hair using hair oil that does not contain harsh chemicals. Skipping this step can result in dry and brittle hair. Hence, you must commit to your hair care routine. 

Oiling keeps your scalp hydrated

Now that you’re well-acquainted with scalp care, visit Mywellnesskart to get Sebamed hair care products and maintain the ideal pH level of your scalp! While you’re at it, you can also check out Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel for acne as that has the ideal pH of 5.5.