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How can you avoid acne breakouts in the monsoon season?

Acne breakouts and monsoons are a go-to pair. And do you know the reason behind this? It’s because humidity increases during the monsoon season. This humidity combines with the heat in the atmosphere and leads to sebum production on the skin, making your skin greasy. Your skin becomes a breeding ground for dirt, impurities, sweat, and bacteria. They clog your pores which leads to acne.

Do you use several skincare products including a foam face wash and yet don’t get any results? Do you find it difficult to plan a good skincare routine for monsoons? Are you tired of finding various solutions on how to treat monsoon acne? If yes, then this blog is here to help you! 

Don’t touch your face often

How to get a healthy and glowing skin during the monsoons

If you want to keep acne out of your way, follow the tips that we will give below. It will help you sort out your skincare routine during the monsoons. 

Steam your face every day

If you want an effective home solution that can keep acne on face out of your way, then try steam. Make it a part of your daily routine. Regular steaming opens your skin pores and removes acne from the root. To make this solution even more effective, you can add a few neem leaves to the water. 

Wash your face two times in a day

Acne problems can be effectively dealt with if you remember to wash and cleanse your face twice a day. They will help you open the pores and loosen the dirt and bacteria that sits on your face, thereby softening the blackheads and whiteheads. Make sure to add a foam face wash to your skincare kit. It will eventually protect you from any kind of breakouts. 

Don’t squeeze your pimples, it can lead to redness and scars

Drink lots of water

This is something that you can easily include in your everyday lifestyle. Hydrate your skin by drinking at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day. It will help you avoid any acne breakouts. If you don’t follow this, then dehydration can make your skin parched and scaly. 

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Cleanse your face properly

The dust and other particles can make your skin dull. Use a foam cleanser to keep your face healthy and glowing. Do this regularly but remember not to overdo, because it can lead to excess sebum production and will further clog your pores. Try Sebamed’s Cleansing Foam. It can help with your acne by effectively combating the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria. It is suitable for all skin types and will remove the excess sebum from your face while keeping your skin moisturized. Check out more about Sebamed’s Cleansing Foam and buy it today!

Keep your skin hydrated

Try to avoid makeup

Do you apply makeup every day? Makeup is a part of most of our lives but, one of the effective ways to treat monsoon acne is to reduce the use of makeup products. Monsoons are a great time to sport a no-makeup look and take a skin detox. Excessive makeup, oily lotions, moisturizers, and other beauty products can lead to acne on face due to over-hydration of sebaceous glands. Even if you apply makeup, use the right products, and go a little light with their usage. They should be waterproof and should not make your skin oilier. 

Regulate your diet

Regulating your diet makes dealing with acne breakouts easy. Make sure to avoid foods that are too rich in fat and include whole grains, sprouts, curd, and salads in your diet. Try to lessen your consumption of oily foods as they can make the skin oilier and thereby encourage the growth of acne. 

We hope you got your answers on how to treat monsoon acne! Now, it’s time for you to start following all of them! Always carry a face wash, a foam cleanser and a water bottle every time you step out. Make sure to include skin-friendly and monsoon-friendly products in your routine. If you want to explore some skincare products that can help you deal effectively with acne on face, then check out Sebamed products on our website!