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What regime should one follow to clear acne from their skin?

The teenage phase comes with unlimited freedom, uncalled attention, and obviously acne, leaving the teenagers a little irritated. A phase where they always have questions like: what causes acne? Why am I facing this? What routine can I follow to avoid acne?

Well, we were all there as teenagers and looked for the answers to the same set of questions. This blog is a guide on how to survive your teenage years with less acne, know the causes, and how to clear acne from your face with some of the best products

Follow these steps and tackle acne like a pro!

Did you know that around 85% of teenagers are affected by some sort of acne? Teenage skin can develop acne due to multiple reasons like hormonal change, oiliness, stress, breakout, and so on. So, it is especially important to learn the causes and pick your regime accordingly- 

Choose your facewash based on your skin type

It’s no secret that when puberty hits teenagers, it brings drastic hormonal changes along. If you are wondering what kind of hormonal change causes acne, we have the answer!The increase in hormones like androgens makes your gland overactive and produces too much oil, leading to oily skin, blocked cells, and henceforth acne.

To keep your oily skin healthy, you can try using skin-friendly products like-the Sebamed face wash, ‘Sebamed Clear Face Foam,’ which removes pimples and reduces excess sebum.

Moisturizing never hurts

We are all aware that every teen wants to explore new things, and few of them are eager to get their hands on makeup kits. Remember, skin conditions can get worse if you don't look up the cosmetic products thoroughly.

So, while you're still in your teens, it's a good idea to learn how to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin for the best results. When it comes to using products that produce impressive results, the Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel is an excellent choice because it helps in healing acne and protects it against bacteria. It is a water-based gel that hydrates and moisturizes your skin.

Take less stress, more rest

While you are stressing about what causes acne, you are contributing to becoming one of the major reasons for acne. During the adolescent years, due to hormonal imbalance and a newly found urge to stay with the trends, they tend to be under a lot of peer pressure and stress. It is important to develop healthy coping strategies and have specific stress relief tools.

If you are still facing regular breakouts, you can use a skin-friendly acne clear gel, the Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel, which is the ideal product for pimple-prone skin. This gel rejuvenates and restores your skin whilst safeguarding it against bacteria. 

Introspect your lifestyle and choose skin-friendly products

When we say lifestyle choices, we mean everything from sleeping schedules to diet preferences. You should avoid sleep deprivation and get your beauty sleep. Also, if you really want to know how to clear acne, remember to cut down on dairy products like cheese, ice cream and so on.

So, if you think you’ve tried all the serums, solutions, and potions, then maybe it’s time to look at your lifestyle choices and skincare products. You can also use one of the best skin-friendly products, the Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel, which helps in reducing and minimizing the bacteria that cause pimples.

Start and end the routine with cleansing

A good skincare routine starts with a deep cleansing facewash like the Sebamed Face Wash‘Sebamed Clear Face Foam,’ which ensures effective ways to combat pimples and impurities on the skin. Though we understand procrastination is your favourite thing to do, to get healthy and glowing skin, you should have a good skincare routine. 

To achieve the perfect cleanse, incorporate the Sebamed acne clear gel into your skincare routine. It helps your skin get hydrated and moisturized and heals acne-prone skin with ease. Also, avoid popping pimples at all costs.

We are all aware that there are multiple types of acne, but when you have acne, you don’t really care which type it is, right? But understanding the type of acne is important because it helps in figuring out the right products, and how to clear acne. In the above blog, we covered the necessary products as well as the fundamentals of a good skincare regimen for clear and spotless skin. 

It’s time to create your skincare routine and get ready to shine as bright as a sunflower!