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Role of pH in your Newborn Baby’s Skincare Products – Sebamed

Role of pH 5.5 in your Baby’s Skincare Products

When it comes to your newborn baby, small things like selecting a skincare product can seem overwhelming. To help you make an informed choice, we have delved into the role of pH 5.5 in your baby’s skincare essentials.

In this blog, we will also introduce you to Sebamed’s baby care products that have been meticulously developed with the ideal pH of 5.5. So, let’s get started right away!

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What does pH 5.5 mean?

The pH value represents the concentration of hydrogenin any substance. It is measured using the pH scale that ranges from 0-14. Here, substances falling between the range of 0-7 are considered acidic. While on the other hand, substances falling between the range of 7-14 are considered to be alkaline. The pH value of 7 is said to be neutral. 

Note that pH neutral products aren’t the same as products with pH 5.5

Now, the pH value of healthy skin stands at 5.5.That means it is slightlyacidic. This is because of the acid mantle, a layer that shields the skin against environmental damage. 

In the case of your newborn baby, the protective acid mantle isn’t fully developed. That’s why your baby’s skin is vulnerable to bacterial infections and other skin problems. Using products with pH 5.5 for your baby helps to speed up the formation of this acid mantle and ensures utmost protection of their skin. But wait until you hear about the role of pH level in everyday baby care regime!


If you use a regular soap for your baby, it is most likely to cause skin dryness. This is because regular soaps contain high amounts of alkaline, which destroys the natural acid mantle of your baby’s skin. Hence, it is recommended to use a mild cleanser like the Sebamed Baby Wash that has a pH value of 5.5. Using a gentle cleanser with pH 5.5 helps you keep your baby’s skin clean, hygienic and healthy!


At pH 5.5, your baby’s skin remains adequately hydrated. It helps minimize the chances of their skin drying out by locking in the moisture in skin cells. Maintaining the moisture content of your baby’s skin also keeps it soft for longer. So, bring home our Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft to rejuvenateyour baby’s skin. The benefits of pH 5.5 coupled with a natural lipid formula and care complex makes it the best cream for your little one. 

Lip Care

Baby lips do not have oil glands. Hence, they need a moisturizing agent to prevent them from getting chapped. Regular baby lip balms may help retain moisture for some time, but our Sebamed Baby Lip Balm ensures utmost protection. It contains shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil for additional care. Thus, your baby’s lips remain soft and healthy.


Your newborn baby needsa regular massage to stay strong and healthy. But regular oils tend to make their skin greasy. That’s why we recommend that you use the Sebamed Soothing Massage Oil. It is easily absorbed and nourishes your baby’s skin. So, make it a point to add this oil to your baby kit.

In a nutshell, your baby’s skin remains at its best when you use baby care products that have a pH value of 5.5. So, wait no more. Visit the product section of Mywellnesskart and gift your baby the ideal care of pH 5.5.