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Things to look for in a Baby Cream

Things to look for in a Baby Cream

Nothing in the world compares to the feeling of holding your newborn baby for the first time! Their innocent smile and soft skin seems to be the most wonderful gift. However, caring for their needs and keeping their skin soft and smooth is a challenge that you now have to master. To help you with this, we have put up this blog about things to look for in a baby cream.

When it comes to your baby’s sensitive skin, you want to get your hands on the best baby cream. But the market today is swarmed with so many creams and sunscreens for babies that selecting the right one can be a daunting task! Therefore, we have put up a guide that you can use while buying a cream for your baby. Further down in the blog, we introduce you to Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft that you can order from Mywellnesskart.

See to it that your baby isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients present in the cream

Your guide to choose the right cream for your baby

Creams are one of the most important skincare products for your newborn. They help to keep your baby’s skin moisturized and protected from external impurities. Besides this, baby creams and lotions provide the necessary nourishment that their skin needs. Since these creams play such an important role, you must be very careful while buying one for your baby. Here are some of the things that you should take into consideration while selecting a baby cream:

Steer clear from baby creams that contain harmful preservatives

A lot of baby skincare products contain harsh substances and irritants that could affect your baby’s skin. For instance, parabens are one of the most commonly used preservatives for baby creams that are very harsh on their delicate skin. Toxic substances like phthalates and dyes can also be highly detrimental to your baby’s skin and must be avoided. So, make sure you read the label very carefully and pick creams like Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft that are completely safe for your child. 

Keep an eye out for the pH value of products 

The pH value of your baby’s skin measures approximately 5.5. Thus, you must look out for baby creams that have the same pH level. At pH 5.5, your baby’s skin remains adequately hydrated and safe from environmental stress. While on the other hand, creams with higher pH levels tend to damage the natural protective barrier of your baby’s skin, making it vulnerable to bacterial attacks and infections. So, choose theSebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream that has the ideal pH level that is suitable for your baby.

Opt for clinically tested baby products

In the case of baby products, you should trust only the ones that have been tested by dermatologists. Skincare products that have been clinically proven to be safe have the least possibility of causing irritation or skin problems to your baby. So, go for products like our Sebamed Baby Lotion that are scientifically formulated for your baby’s delicate skin.

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Choose effective baby rash cream

A newborn baby’s skin is still developing in the first few months after birth. During this time, it is very common for babies to develop skin rashes. Hence, it is crucial to select creams that can relieve itches and heal their skin irritations. In our Sebamed Baby Rash Cream, we incorporate a moisturizing complex with vitasqualane to prevent skin dryness and panthenol to soothe irritation. It helps to relieve andrelax your baby.

Now that you are well acquainted with the necessary ingredients that you should look for in baby products, it’s time for you to step up your baby care regime! Visit the product page of Mywellnesskart and obtain the safest baby powder and other skincare products for your baby.