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Top 5 summer skincare mistakes you may have been making

Top 5 summer skincare mistakes you may have been making

Summers can be hard on your skin! The constant exposure to the sun can make you feel dehydrated and irritated, with redness and dryness taking over your skin. To add to all of this, there’s constant sweating which makes your skin oilier. If you have been struggling with all these problems and a lot more, then this blog is just for you!  

Opt for minimal make-up or natural look during summers

Your guide to summer skincare 

We will be listing down some top summer skincare mistakes that you might have been making and will share some tips on how you can rectify them using Sebamed products.

Skipping cleansing

As you go about your daily routine during summers, you might realize that your skin feels oilier by the afternoon. This is because dirt, oil, and makeup build up on the surface of your skin. It becomes necessary for you to make cleansing a part of your morning and bedtime routine.

It helps to do away with the oil , grease, pollution and hydrates your skin. If you are looking for a cleanser that can suit your daily needs and keep you hydrated, then check out Sebamed’s Clear Face Cleansing Bar. It is enriched with water-based hydrating agents like amino acids, lecithin, and Vitamin E that help to moisturize your skin. The unique cleansing formula effectively removes the oil and keeps blackheads and whiteheads out of your way.  

Forgetting to moisturize

If you do not use a moisturizer, then you are messing up your summer skincare. Summers mean a lot of humidity. The absence of a moisturizer will only increase sebum production and make your skin oilier and drier.  

If you are searching for good moisturizers, then Sebamed’s Moisturizing Cream can be a smart choice for you to explore. Formulated by dermatologists, it guards your skin against pollutants and dryness and keeps your face soft all day long. It has good concentration of Vitamin E which gives your skin a radiant glow.  

You can also use aloe vera gel for skincare. Aloe vera is an excellent solution for all skin types and performs all the functions of hydrating and soothing your skin. You can also use it in your face and hair mask to keep irritation and frizzy hair away. Aloe vera gel for skin can do wonders as a natural moisturizer. 

Clear face care gel has aloe vera – this product can also be added here and its designed for acne prone skin 

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Taking the use of sunscreens lightly

 sunscreen must be your go-to skincare product during summers or every time you step out in the heat. It can reduce premature aging and protect you from the UV rays that cause skin cancer.  

The best sunscreen will combine the benefits of the physical and chemical sunscreens, just like Sebamed’s Multiprotect Sunscreen SPF 50+. Made with nano-sized particles of micronized titanium dioxide, it protects you from skin whitening. Sebamed sunscreen also has water/sweat/ sand resistant properties that last for approximately 6 hours. To gain maximum benefits, make it a point to wear Sebamed sunscreen every day. 

Not putting SPF on your lips

Your lips can get damaged because of the UV rays and sunburns. Not using an SPF for your lips can thin them out due to the breaking down of collagen. Make sure to invest in a good lip balm that can keep your lips smooth, soft, and hydrated during the scorching heat of summers

Sebamed’s Lip Balm with SPF 30 is here to make your lip care routine during summers a breeze. It can relieve you from the constant worry of your dry and chapped lips.  


Rushing through your skincare routine

While you make plans to catch up with your family and friend during summers, do not overlook the use of your various skincare products. We might forget to moisturize certain areas of our body like ears, feet, lips, etc. To protect them from sunburns and dehydration, apply a cream/ lotion/ sunscreen. 

Plan your skincare wisely and see your skin shine throughout these harsh summers. Want to choose some of the best skincare products? Wait no more. Head to our website and check out Sebamed's products