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Why are Acne and Pimples common in Adolescences?

Adolescence is a time when our bodies go through life-altering changes. In these years, one of the most common changes that most teenagers go through is acne. In fact, this condition is so prolific that it is considered to be normal for boys and girls during puberty.

Causes of acne in teenagers

Acne usually starts during the adolescent years when the body increases the production of a hormone called androgen. This hormone stimulates the production of an oily substance called sebum. In puberty, the skin’s oil glands are more active than always. The sebum from the oil glands gets mixed with dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria. This leads to a build-up and eventually cause skin inflammation which can burst open in the form of acne. 

Most teenagers get acne because of the hormonal changes

Know about the different types of acne

Now that you know why acne and pimples are common in adolescence, you must know a little bit about the different types of acne that can occur. There are varying degrees of acne, and hence, there are different treatment for each. Take a quick look at the most common forms of acne:

Whiteheads — These are small acne that usually occur under your skin.

Blackheads— These are prominently visible on the surface your skin. They have a dark colour which is often confused with dirt.

Cysts— These are big acne scars that are full of pus and can be quite painful.

How can I prevent acne?

The degree and severity of acne depends on person to person. However, there are a couple of skincare tips that you can follow to reduce your breakouts. Read on to know how you can treat acne and its severity.

Wash your face

While this seems like a no-brainer, we assure you it is the most important thing you can do. Washing your face with a good face wash for acne helps in removing the excess surface oils and dead skin cells that clogs your pores. If you are looking for one, we suggest you try the Sebamed Clear Face Foam. This is one of the best face washes for acne in the market today! 

This dermatologically tested face wash combats blackheads and pimples and supports healthy facial skin. The active ingredient Montaline C40 curbs the formation of all kinds of acne, while the panthenol makes your skin soft and supple. This face wash for acne is works effectively for teenagers as well because it also contains the ideal pH value of 5.5. At pH 5.5, the protective barrier of your skin strengthens and restricts the growth of acne. Thus, it is a must-have skincare product for all teenagers struggling with acne in adolescence.

You must remember to wash your face after exercising. Post-workout sweat can clog your pores and make your acne worse. It’s also recommended you wash your face as soon as you enter home. The outside heat and dust settle in your face quickly, leading to breakouts. Hence, keep the best face wash within an arm’s reach for preventing acne!

Watch your diet

It is common for teenagers to binge on food loaded with carbs and fats. However, diet plays a great role in maintaining your skin’s health. Eat a balanced diet and stay away from greasy or oily foods as they tend to flare up your sweat glands, leading to pimples. 

Restrict the use of too many products

Teenagers enjoy applying makeup. However, when you have acne, try to limit the use of many products because they will clog your pores. If you have an oily and sensitive skin, apply a gel-based product like the Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel. This gel has a moisturizing complex of Hyaluron and Aloe barbadensis that soothes the acne on your skin. This non-greasy pH 5.5 gel is free from harmful chemicals and will eventually restore your skin’s softness. You can know more about the Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel on Mywellnesskart!

Never pop or squeeze your pimple, no matter how tempting it is! It will lead to more redness, infection, and may leave behind scars. Now that you are aware of the causes and ways to treat your acne, don’t delay and purchase the suitable products from Sebamed today!