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Here's Why Babies Need Baby Lotion in Summer

Do you need to use a moisturizing lotion for your baby during summers?

Summer season is a time of fun and play for you and your little one. This means more time outdoors and direct exposure to heat. The rising temperature often affects the largest organ of our body, our skin the most. Just like you, your baby too needs extra protection from the blazing summer sun which brings more damage to their tender skin. Getting your hands on the best baby care products like the Sebamed baby care range is a must for all parents. You can shop all authentic and original Sebamed products from Mywellnesskart directly.

Make sure you apply lotion on your baby before they step out in the hot sun

Since you already know the harmful effects of the summer sun, you must be wondering how you can take care of your toddler’s skin during summer. Along with all the essential skincare products, you need to use the best lotion to treat your baby’s dry skin and other summer issues. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun can cause your baby’s skin to lose moisture faster. A moisturizing lotion helps your baby’s skin by keeping it hydrated in the hot, dry weather. It can soothe their sensitive skin against environmental irritants. Many parents are under the impression that baby lotion should not be applied during summer, however this does not ring true! 

How can you protect your baby’s skin with a good baby lotion?

The effects of the sun can dry out your baby’s skin and cause all sorts of heat rashes, including diaper rash. At such times, having a baby rash cream and a good baby body lotion can help in soothing your baby’s irritated skin and slowly restore their soft, supple skin. During this season, air conditioners are usually switched used at full blast. Air conditioners also play a role in drying out your baby’s skin because they remove the humidity from the environment. 

Use the Sebamed Baby Lotion at least twice a day, once after bath and once before your baby’s bedtime.

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To prevent this, you need to select the best baby lotion like the Sebamed baby lotion which is made with the best ingredients. This moisturizing lotion is formulated with the skin’s ideal pH of 5.5 and it works wonders for your baby’s delicate skin. This baby lotion restores the hydrolipid barrier of your baby’s skin without leaving any greasy residue behind. It has chamomile extracts which soothes any rashes present. We recommend that after bathing your baby with the best baby shampoo and cleansing bar, you gently apply the Sebamed baby lotion on your baby’s skin.

Along with a baby lotion, what else can you do to protect your baby’s skin?

If your baby is old enough to take a dip in the swimming pool during these hot months, you must be aware about the effects of chlorinated water on their sensitive skin. The chlorine present in the swimming pool water can strip your baby’s skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and flaky. The first thing you should do after enjoying a splash in the pool with your baby is to rinse off the pool water with a quick shower. Post that, re-hydrate their skin by using the Sebamed lotion for your baby which has a 7% natural lipid compound to safeguard their skin against dryness. After applying this, you can also use the Sebamed baby powder with Honeysuckle to absorb the extra moisture from your little one’s skin and prevent heat rashes.

Make sure your baby does not spend a lot of time in the water because it can dry out their skin.

Now that you know the importance of using baby lotion during summer, make sure you buy the best one and keep applying it on your baby’s skin at regular intervals. By being consistent in your baby’s skincare regime and using products that have the best natural ingredients, your baby’s skin will remain nourished through these long, hot months.