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Skin care for Babies in Winter – Keep your Baby’s Skin Moisturized

Moisturize your baby’s skin during the winter

Winters are the best season to stay in and get cosy with your baby. The cold wind makes you bring out the cutest sweateronesies, velvety soft blankets and indulge in an all-day cuddling session with your little ones. Though winters bring many things that we look forward to, the cold and dry weather can have a rough effect on the delicate skin of your new-born.

Babies have sensitive skin which is prone to dryness in the cold. The exposure to the wind can cause redness, chapped skin and may even lead to redness and itchy eczema. To relieve your baby of discomfort and keep their skin soft and supple, pay a little more attention to the baby’s skin care products and routine in the winter. Invest in superior baby care products like Sebamed that is compatible with your baby’s skin as each product has the optimum pH value of 5.5. This protects the delicate skin of your little one from dehydration, inflammations and allergies and regenerates their healthy skin.

One of the best ways to get rid of dry and flaky skin is by moisturizing your baby’s skin at least twice a day. Moisturizers are an essential baby care product that keeps their skin hydrated. However, many lotions have harsh chemicals in them that irritate your baby’s gentle skin and as new parents, youmay have a hard time looking the right products that nourish your baby’s skin. The Sebamed lotion is one of the best baby lotions that contain no unnatural ingredients or chemicals like parabens or propylene glycol that adversely affect your newborn’s delicate skin and disturb the pH balance of their skin.

Besides moisturizing, let’s look at the other ways to protect your baby’s skin in the winters.

Tips to protect your baby’s skin in winter

1. Swaddle carefully–As new parents, you often feel apprehensive about your baby catching a cold in the winter and swaddle them in thick layers of fabrics to keep them warm. However, babies are unable to regulate their body temperatures and they become cranky when they are too hot or too cold. Even in the winters, it is possible for your baby to get a heat rash due to being heavily dressed in non-breathable layers. Sometimes, even the fabrics rub against your baby’s dry skin and makes them more uncomfortable. Therefore,dress your baby in comfortable soft clothes that allow ventilation and add or remove clothes whenever necessary. Use the Sebamed baby powder with honeysuckle to prevent heat rashes because the honeysuckle extracts in this powder work wonders to reduce the effects of friction and chafing against your baby’s soft skin.

2. Avoid longer bath time – Your baby’s bath time should not exceed beyond ten minutes as over bathing can result in dry skin. In winters, bathe your baby once a day with warm water or give him or her a gentle sponge bath with soft, damp towels. Before buying your baby’s soap, shampoo and other bath products, please check if they contain any artificial perfumes or chemicals that may cause dryness or an allergy to your baby’s skin. The Sebamed baby cleansing bar is a sugar-based mild cleansing soap, ideal for your baby’s gentle skin.It is 100% soap and alkali-free, making it extremely safe for your little one while keeping away allergies and irritants from their skin. After bath, gently pat your baby’s skin with a clean towel till he or she is dry. Rubbing the towel quickly to dry your baby can cause their skin to peel.

3. Moisturizing is the key – Winters are a time for dry skin and babies are no exception. The best time to apply moisturizer is right after giving your baby a bath. Your baby’s skin is damp and a good moisturizing lotion like the Sebamed body lotion will seal the moisture and keeps your little one’s skin supple. The Sebamed lotion for babies is a clinically tested product that shows significant improvement to your infant’s skin over eight weeks’ time. The inhalant compounds in the lotion help in keeping your baby’s skin soft and supple always.

Another good time to apply the Sebamed lotion is at night before your baby goes to sleep. Gently massage a thin layer of moisturizer so that your baby does not lose moisture in the long hours of night and wakes up with dry skin in the morning. The Sebamed body lotion is very easy to apply and is quickly absorbed into your baby’s skin. It contains chamomile extracts that soothes and regenerates a new layer of your baby’s skin overnight as well as protects it from dryness.

4. Watch out for diaper rash– Diaper rash is a common trouble that arises from the dampness of the baby’s nappy. In winters, this problem will trouble you more because your baby is wrapped in many layers. The heat from the layers or not changing the diaper on time can result in your baby developing rashes on their bottom. Remember to stay vigilant for any such condition and take extra care to ensure that your little one stays comfortable at all times. Using a diaper rash cream like the Sebamed’s rash cream is the best way to treat inflammations as it is made from natural ingredients like titanium dioxide. This forms a protective film around your baby’s skin. After giving your baby a bath, use the Sebamed lotion for babies and rub a little bit of this moisturizer on their bottoms to create a barrier against developing dryness and irritation.

5. Do not forget sunscreen – Exposure to the winter sun with its harsh UV rays can be damaging for your baby’s delicate skin. Protect your baby’s skin by massaging small amounts of sunscreen before stepping out. However, since sunscreens may contain chemicals, it is best to consult with a pediatrician before and buy the best sunscreen lotion for your baby.

As winter is approaching, you can stay prepared by chalking out a skin care routine for your baby and know what to look out for. By following these tips and choosing the right baby care products for your little one, you can keep your baby from being uncomfortable and ensure that their skin is soft, healthy and hydrated at all times.