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A dad’s guide to take care of his newborn and spouse

A dad’s guide to take care of his newborn and spouse

After patiently waiting for nine months, holding your baby for the first time is a precious moment especially if you’re a new father. In this moment, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Many new fathers are unsure about how to help their spouses and how to look after their little ones. However, at this time, stepping up and dividing responsibilities is important. Fathers must pitch in and help their partner so that they are not left to raise their newborn by themselves. 

What can fathers do to take care of their newborn and their spouse?

As a new father, if you are unsure of what to do or how to help, the first thing you must do is understand your partner and baby’s needs. As a mother needs to get up frequently to feed the baby, it is best to take up other chores. You can identify and take over specific jobs so that your spouse can have a little time for herself. Getting involved with your newborn will also allow some perfect father-baby bonding time. Read ahead to know what fathers can do to take care of their babies and take something off their partner’s plate.

Share the duties with your spouse and spend more time playing with your newborn

Assemble an essentials kit for your newborn baby

Your newborn will require new baby skin care products, and as a father, you will strive to provide only the best for your baby. You must do your research beforehand and keep a newborn baby kit ready. This kit will contain all essential products which your newborn requires from day one. Since your baby’s skin is extremely delicate, it is best to invest in clinically tested products recommended by dermatologists. Sebamed is the pioneer in pH 5.5 clinically tested products. It has been scientifically proven that the ideal pH value of your skin should be 5.5. Using products with the ideal pH value strengthens your baby’s skin’s protective barrier against environmental irritants and maintains their hydrolipid balance. Hence, buying Sebamed baby products from Mywellnesskart and keeping the kit ready will relieve your spouse of some duties. 

Take over diaper duty

Diaper duty is a messy process, and many dads do not know how to go about it. To ace this task, all you must do is wipe your baby’s nether region every time you change a soiled diaper. Before putting on a fresh diaper, remember to apply a good diaper rash cream. The Sebamed Baby Rash Cream is an important item in your newborn baby’s kit. This cream is formulated with titanium dioxide, squalene, and the ideal pH value of 5.5. These ingredients protect your baby’s sensitive skin from rashes and inflammation which can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for your little one.

The Sebamed Baby Rash Cream does not contain any harmful chemicals like parabens

Even if you cannot change your baby’s diapers, you can always help your partner by stocking them and providing her with wipes, rash cream, and clean diapers.

Help your partner during your baby’s bath time 

Leaving your baby unsupervised during bath time is a huge no-no. Bath time can be daunting for mothers as they have to keep several things in mind. They have to check the level and temperature of the water, gather all the products, bring a set of fresh clothes and diapers, and a small toy or two to keep the baby distracted. As a new dad, you can be more involved and give your baby a bath as well. While your partner looks after the bath water, towel, and clothes, you can gently wash your baby with the Sebamed Baby Face and Body Wash Foam. This mild cleansing foam prevents dryness and nurtures your baby’s soft skin while the pH 5.5 level ensures healthy skin.

The Sebamed Baby Face and Body Wash Foam has a rich care complex to nourish your baby’s skin

Be supportive

Throughout this process, be there for your partner and hear her out. Keep encouraging her at every step. You can encourage her to join online forums where she can get help from new mothers in the community. Start becoming more organized with the household chores, book appointments with the doctor, and help her out with the baby as much as you can.

Small efforts can have a big positive impact on your relationship and on your infant’s development. When fathers take a more hands-on approach, it boosts the baby’s mental and physical development. Be ready with the essentials for your newborn and give it your all. Happy parenting!