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Baby Skincare in Summer - Everything you need to know

Baby Skincare in Summer - Everything you need to know

We’re sure you are aware of the fact that your baby’s needs change as they grow up. But what you may not have noticed is that your little one requires a different routine as the seasons change. For instance, with the onset of the summer season, heat rashes and sweat may begin to irritate your tiny tot. The scorching heat of the sun may also lead to skin redness and turn out to be harmful for your baby’s skin.

To help you ensure that your baby smiles through the summers, we have put together tips that you can use to protect your baby’s skin. We will also introduce you to Mywellnesskart where you can find baby skincare products with a pH value of 5.5 that will make a great addition to your baby’s summer care routine.

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Importance of Skincare for Babies in Summer

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of baby skincare in summer, it is crucial for you to fully understand the impact of sun exposure on your baby’s skin so that you can make necessary lifestyle changes to your baby’s routine. 

Babies under 6 months of age must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

If due care is not taken to protect your baby’s skin against the harsh sun rays, here are problems that you may have to struggle with.

1. Sunburn

The skin of your newborn baby is delicate and extremely sensitive. It may not be able to endure the sun’s rays, and this leads to redness and sunburn. That’s why it is highly recommended to apply Sebamed sun lotion on your baby to avoid such problems.

2. Tan

Your baby’s skin is highly susceptible to a tan if exposed to overhead sunlight for prolonged duration's. Hence, you must always make your baby wear fully covered clothes when going outdoors.

3. Sweat

Be it adults or babies, body sweat is very common during summers. Sweating can be very discomforting for your baby and may cause irritation. That’s why it is advised to wipe baby’s underarms and face using a wet cloth or baby wipes. You may also bathe your baby using Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar as it gently cleans your baby’s skin and is safe to use since day one.

It is advised not to use extremely hot or cold water to bathe your baby

Tips to Protect your Baby’s Skin in Summers

As a parent, you want to do the best that you can to always care for your baby. To help you safeguard your little one against the summer heat, we have listed down some simple tips that you can easily imbibe in your baby skincare routine – 

1. Go for regular baby massage

Baby massage helps your baby to relax and sleep well. That’s why you must not skip this essential baby care regime during the summer as well. However, make sure you do not use oils that amplify body heat. Choose Sebamed’s baby soothing massage oil to nourish your baby’s skin.

The best time to massage your baby is before bathing

2. Keep the environment temperature in check

During summers, it is very important that your baby’s surroundings remain cool. But you must also note that moving your baby suddenly from an air-conditioned room to a hot environment is highly discouraged. Try to maintain a constant temperature for your baby. 

3. Keep your baby’s skin moisturized

Just like your body needs to be hydrated multiple times a day during the summer, your baby’s skin also needs additional moisture. So, don’t forget to apply a gentle baby lotion after bathing your little one.

4. Tend to heat rashes immediately

Be it excessive exposure to the sun, over sweating or any other reason, skin rashes are very common during summers. But thanks to Sebamed baby honeysuckle powder, these rashes can easily be taken care of. As soon as you notice signs of redness or itching, apply this baby powder on your baby’s skin.

4. Don’t overdress your little one

As much as you love dressing up your little girl in cute frocks, it may not be the best thing to do during summers. Fancy dresses tend to make the baby feel hot and uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a loose-fit cotton dress that’s breathable. 

When going outdoors, use hats to avoid overhead sun exposure to your baby

5. Always keep your baby under the shade

Everyone loves a day out in the sun and your baby might enjoy that as well. But when you take your kid to the beach, make sure that you always make them stay under the shade of an umbrella or a tree. Try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. This is because the UV rays of the sun can be highly detrimental to your baby’s skin.

6. Use the right sunscreen for your baby

To ensure maximum protection against the UV rays, use a high SPF sun lotion on your baby’s skin. For instance, Sebamed sun lotion comes with 50+SPF and is completely safe for your baby as it does not include any harsh chemicals. That means you can count on it to shield your baby’s skin during the summer season.

The Difference between a Baby Cream and Baby Lotion

Whether the summer or winter, we understand that childcare comes with a whole lot of confusion. For instance, deciding whether to use a baby cream or baby lotion can be a difficult task. But making the right choices for your kid can be much easier if you get a thorough understanding of baby care products and their role in your baby’s growth.

Baby cream – Baby creams are thicker in texture and can be used to treat various skin conditions like atopic skin and diaper rashes.  

Baby lotion–Baby lotions are typically used to moisturize baby’s skin and keep it hydrated for longer durations. 

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