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Beat the Heat with These Summer Essentials for Your Baby

Beat the Heat with These Summer Essentials for Your Baby

How can I protect my baby's skin in summer?

The scorching summers have a harsh impact on everyone’s skin, especially babies. When it comes to bright and sunny days, as a parent, you must be extra careful with your little one’s sensitive skin because too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can bring a new set of risks. Having the ideal baby care products by your side is thus the need of the hour and you can check out Mywellnesskart to buy Sebamed’s premium baby care range. This can protect your baby’s tender skin from being vulnerable in the summer and keep your baby healthy and happy. Keep reading to know what baby items you must have for these coming months.

Summertime does not mean a longer bath time

Everyone enjoys long showers during summer, but longer bath times are not good for your baby’s skin. Always ensure that the bath water for your baby is lukewarm because bathing them with cold water can make them sick. Your baby needs ideal bath products that clean the sweat and dirt from their skin as well as protect and nourish their delicate skin. 

The Sebamed baby wash extra soft should be one of your go-to products.

It is a mild sugar-based cleanser that is hypoallergenic and free ofphthalates and parabens.

Sebamed baby wash is formulated with a pH value of 5.5 to keep your newborn’s protective barrier intact against environmental irritants. In case the weather is too hot and humid, and is making your baby uncomfortable, you can bathe him/her twice a day. The Sebamed Baby Wash hydrates your baby’s skin and prevents dryness.

Keep an eye out for heat rashes

Heat rasher prickly heat is common during these sweltering months. These tiny red bumps that appear on your baby’s face, armpits, back are caused by the clogging of their sweat gland pores due to lack of ventilation. The good news is that this can be taken care of easily. You need to cut down the time that your baby spends in a carrier and dress them comfortably in loose-fitting clothes made from lightweight fabrics like cotton.

Wash your baby’s skin with a mild baby soap like the Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar which gently cleanses their skin without causing further irritation.

How to Use Sebamed Baby Soap?

Create a lather with the Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar and gently apply it on your baby’s wet skin during bath time.

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A little baby powder can help

After a bath, it is important you dry your baby using a soft cotton towel. After that, using a little bit of baby powder is a good idea. Many parents wonder if their baby needs talcum powder and the answer is yes because baby talcum powder absorbs extra sweat from your baby’s skin during these hot summer months.

et your hands on the Sebamed baby powder with honeysuckle that soothes the irritated skin due to primly heat rashes.

How to Use Sebamed Baby Powder?

Shake into the hands, away from the baby’s face and then onto skin. Close the cap tightly after use.

Wipe your baby’s bottom with a soft, clean napkin after every diaper change to avoid rashes.

Invest in sunscreen for babies

Yes, you read it right! Babies have their own sunscreen and although, this item is a must-have throughout the year, its importance is magnified in the summer. Sunscreens not only protect your baby’s skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but it also soothes their delicate skin against sunburns or sun damage. 

Choose a sunscreen that is free from harmful chemicals like the Sebamed Baby Sun lotion with SPF 50+ which has skin protecting agents like vitamin B5 and E. It is easy to apply, does not leave a greasy residue behind and comes with a natural hydro-fructol formula that keeps your little one’s skin hydrated even in the summer sun.The Sebamed Baby Sun lotion has a SPF50 formula to protect your baby’s skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Other essentials you need for summers

Along with the aforementioned products that help in keeping your baby’s skin supple during the hot months, you also need to stock up on wet wipes, especially when you are outdoors. These wipes can gently clean the sweat and dirt from your baby’s skin keeping them cool and cheerful. You should also keep them hydrated and carry water bottle with you wherever you go. Having all the important baby care products will ensure that your baby has an enjoyable summer. Check out Sebamed baby care products on Mywellnesskart and don’t hesitate to go out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with your little one!