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7 things you must know about taking care of a newborn baby - Sebamed

Newborn baby care: Get the basics right!

After nine long months, you finally get to hold your baby. At the same time, it is natural for all parents to feel overwhelmed. Even though you might stock up on the best baby care products, you may still feel something is amiss. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while looking after your newborn.

Hold your newborn correctly 

Your newborn is very sensitive and delicate. Since babies are still developing a strong immune system, they are susceptible to infections. To keep your little one away from infections and rashes, you must wash your hands properly or use a hand sanitizer before holding your baby. Make sure that every person who holds your baby has clean hands.

When holding your baby, be sure to support their head and neck. Cradle and support your baby’s head while carrying them or when putting them down to rest.

You need to support your baby’s head for the first few months because their neck muscles are weak 

Give your baby a good massage 

You and your partner should hold your baby against your skin while feeding and cradling. This starts the process of bonding between you and your newborn. Massaging your baby is another great way to enhance this bonding. It even helps in the growth and development of your little one. Use a good baby massage oil to gently massage your baby before their bath time.

Bathing basics 

You should give your newborn a sponge bath until their umbilical cord falls off and the navel area heals completely. This can take roughly one to four weeks. Bathe your newborn twice or thrice a week as frequent bathing can dry their skin.

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Before taking your baby for a bath, keep the following items ready to use:

  1. A soft and clean washcloth
  2. A mild and unscented baby soap and shampo
  3. A soft towel
  4. A clean diaper 

Dip your washcloth in warm water and wipe your baby’s face. Create a little lather with the Sebamed Baby Wash and gently wash your baby’s body. Use the shampoo to wash your baby's head and rinse thoroughly. Then wash their diaper area carefully. After washing, pat your baby dry using a soft cotton towel. Pay special attention to the creases around their arms, behind their ears, neck, and their genital area. These areas are prone to rashes and inflammation.

The Sebamed Baby Wash has been formulated with the ideal pH of 5.5 to promote healthy skin for your baby 

Don’t skip the moisturizer post bath 

After drying your baby, apply a baby lotion. Use a baby face cream like the Sebamed Baby Sebamed Protective Facial Cream that nourishes and protects your baby’s delicate facial skin. This facial cream contains hyaluronic acid and squalene that keep your newborn’s skin hydrated. A pH 5.5 level is essential for maintaining your baby’s skin’s protective acid mantle. Using such skin care products keeps your baby’s pH values intact and helps in preventing dryness, rashes, and other associated skin problems. 

Apply a small amount of the Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream at least twice a day 

Apply the best baby care products after bath 

Along with the baby face cream, you should use the Sebamed Baby Lotion. Apply this lotion to your baby’s skin after their bath. This lotion has a moisturizing complex that makes your little one’s skin smooth and soft. It also has an ideal pH of 5.5 that regulates your baby’s skin’s protective barrier. After this, you should apply a diaper rash cream to your baby’s diaper area. Using a diaper rash cream after your baby’s bath keeps this area clean and free from irritation.

Pay attention to diaper duty 

Keep a clean diaper and a diaper rash cream within your reach. After they soil their diaper, remove the dirty one and gently clean your baby’s diaper area. Use a soft washcloth or wet wipes to do so. A diaper rash cream is one of the best skincare products for your baby, so make sure you apply a small amount after every change. 

Diaper rashes usually occur when your baby’s sensitive skin becomes irritated due to a wet diaper. If you notice the tiny red bumps, apply a thick layer of the diaper rash cream, and keep the area open. However, if it persists or starts getting worse, contact your doctor immediately as it can lead to a fungal infection.

Regulate your baby’s sleep cycle 

Your newborn will sleep for most part of the day and night, although not for very long hours. They eventually wake up after two to three hours to be fed. Maintain a routine during bedtime because it helps your baby to sleep on their own. You can even play soft music when your baby feels sleepy to create a good bedtime routine.