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5 Common Hair Care Mistakes You May Not be Aware of

Top Five Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid!

Have you tried every possible hair care trick under the sun and still feel like your hair isn’t at its best? If yes, chances are that you’re going wrong somewhere. Trust us, you’re not the only one! 

When it comes to hair care, people follow tons of different practices to maintain their hair but they often get the basics wrong. Hence, we have written this blog to help you reflect on your hair habits. We will also introduce you to some of our effective shampoos that you could use to rebuild your hair care regime in the right manner. 

Don’t forget to tie your hair before going to sleep

But first, let’s take a look at some of the common hair care mistakes! 

Taking hair hygiene lightly 

If you wish for long, healthy hair, procrastinating on your hair wash isn’t the best thing for you to do. After all, the first step to care for your hair is to keep it clean and hygienic at all times. So, make it a point to wash your hair at least once a week using a mild shampoo. Also, don’t use extremely hot water for rinsing your hair as it strips your hair of its natural oils.

Our Sebamed Everyday Shampoo has been formulated with pH 5.5 to ensure strong, healthy and smooth hair! So, don’t forget to include this mild shampoo in your new hair care routine.

Scrubbing your scalp vigorously 

It is a very common practice to scrub your scalp while washing it. While the intention is usually to clean the build-up of dirt, it does more harm than good. It severely damages your scalp and hair follicles. Thus, we encourage you to use an effective shampoo that effortlessly cleanses your scalp without the need for external force.

If you need a cleanser to maintain scalp hygiene, look no further than our Sebamed Anti-dandruff Shampoo! It addresses scalp issues like dandruff with the special care of pH 5.5.It’s considered one of the best anti-dandruff shampoos as it puts an end to dandruff once and for all.

Styling your hair 

As much as you love to experiment with your hair, it is important to know that styling frequently can damage your hair. Excessive use of electronic hair appliances dries out your hair, making it appear dull and frizzy. 

If you’ve been struggling with hair dryness, our Anti-dry Revitalizing Shampoo is just what you need! It contains three natural conditioning ingredients to rejuvenate your hair and bring back the natural shine. Thus, it is the best shampoo for dry hair!

Combing your hair in the wrong way 

Do you find a fistful of hair strands everytime you brush your hair? It is probably because you’re combing your hair too harshly. You’re advised to use wide-toothed brushes for your hair. If your hair is knotted, start to detangle your hair from the tips and slowly move to the roots. 

Another thing for you to keep in mind is that you must avoid combing wet hair. The roots are very sensitive when wet and can easily cause hair fall, hence you should wait for your hair to dry before combing it.

If you’ve been dealing with excessive hair fall, our Sebamed Anti-hairloss Shampoo works wonders! While its pH 5.5 maintains the scalp barrier, its Ginkgo biloba extract repairs your hair from the roots and strengthens your hair follicles. Thus, it’s the best shampoo for hair fall!

Skipping hair oil massages

There’s no better feeling than getting a head massage after a long day at work! However, hair oiling sessions are often skipped due to busy schedules. And it ultimately results in hair dryness. Thus, we insist that you indulge in regular oil massages to keep your hair strong and healthy.

In case you’ve not been able to apply oil to your hair, we have the best shampoo for dry hair at Sebamed. 

If you’ve been making any of these hair care mistakes, it’s time to change at the earliest! Build a new haircare regime with us. Get Sebamed hair care products here at Mywellnesskart!